You have no time to arrange your numerous photos and videos?

  • I can turn the raw videos and photos from your home archive into high-definition musical films and video clips.
  • You can watch your films on your TV or computer in DVD or mp4 formats.
     Almost everyone these days has a camera or a video camera. People tend to preserve the memories of the important and interesting moments in their lives — from exciting journeys to ordinary everyday life.  All those moments, captured in a multitude of photos and videos, oftentimes and up scattered across different folders on the hard drive, making it quite a challenge to find exactly the right one at the right moment. Of course, composing complete movies and slideshows from raw video materials on your own is always an option, but that requires a great deal of skill, effort and time, which is often hard to come by.
     I can combine raw videos and photos from your home archive into amazing musical films, making those most memorable pages of your life come alive with your favorite tunes. These films are for you and about you, created with your own scenario and tailored to your musical taste. Modern TVs are able to playback HD-quality mp4 files directly from a hard drive or a portable USB drive, making these movies an ideal gift for your family, friends and relatives.